• Hobbie Professional

    Our professional division provides exposure to the most highly skilled professionals in fields such as: engineering, life sciences, finance and technology. Our team has over 41 years experience in talent aquisition. Our areas of expertise include: contract placement, contingent/retained search, workforce/recruitment outsourcing and vendor management. READ MORE...

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  • Hobbie Personnel

    Our specialized staffing division can assist with matching highly skilled manufactuing, logistics and administrative professionals. We provide exposure to fully screened and tested candidates with a multitude of talents. With over 41 years experience, our firm is prepared to offer temporary or temporary-to-permanent professionals capable of positively impacting your team immediately. READ MORE...

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  • HealthSkil

    HealthSkil helps healthcare professionals identify the right kinds of opportunities. For healthcare facilities, our solutions not only provide you with exposure to individuals with highly specialized skill sets including nurses, physicians and staff, also a diverse group of professionals with potential interest in a range of employment situations including contract, permanent and temporary status. READ MORE...

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Welcome to the CKHobbie Group

Talent drives productivity. With a full suite of comprehensive talent acquisition and management programs, The CKHobbie Group designs full service solutions to help your organization aquire the right talent.

Whether your organization is seeking: increased access to talent, industry specific process outsourcing, a new approach to employing a contingent workforce, or developing a more productive approach to human capital management, we can help.

The CKHobbie Group has positively impacted the productivity of our customers for over 46 years. Contact one of our experienced professionals today to learn more about these specific programs.

To learn more about our local opportunities you can contact us at 800-339-3539, email us at hr@theckhobbiegroup.com, vist our careers page here or opt in to receive text messages here or by texting HOBBIE to 292929


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